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The Domaine de la Xavolière is committed to a chic but also sustainable approach to tourism, for the well-being of the guests and the respect of the natural environment.

An absolute gem, in the Parc Naturel des Préalpes d'Azur, the Domaine de la Xavolière is ideally surrounded by natural protected wooded lands that are part of our natural and cultural heritage.

Reducing fossil fuel consumption and promoting the circular economy 


The renovation project of the Domaine aimed at reducing significantly our environmental footprint through a series of actions that would mimimise the use of fossil fuels (elimination of gas with the installation of photovoltaic panels, prefer electric cars and bicycles) but also by promoting recycling : set up of a hen house to recycle most of the food waste and produce organic eggs, composting of organic waste to reduce further biodegradable waste and feed the crops, use of a waste compactor to reduce the number of garbage bags and develop selective waste recycling.

Sensible resource management

All the lighting is low-energy. The production of hot water is constantly adjusted to the actual occupancy rate of the house and the water flow rates are regulated accordingly. Linen is washed every three days (unless specifically requested). Hot water is mainly produced during the day to take advantage of the photovaltaic energy.

Rigorous selection of suppliers and products

Wherever possible, we choose responsible partners and follow a rigorous ecological purchasing policy. For example, the shower gels, shampoos and soaps we offer are from Géodora, a local eco-friendly perfume brand. The cleaning products are all organic.

Actions to protect biodiversity

Pesticides and chemical products are banned from our property. So the fragrant plants in our garden remains a haven for wildlife. Nearly 10 years ago, we installed two beehives to encourage the pollination of crops and produce honey of the Domaine.

Our goal is to become more resilient and manage more efficiently all environmental challenges.

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